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A beautiful girl who can definitely be one of the most amazing and strong willed people that you will ever meet.

She is a very loyal and honest person who is not shy to share her opinion and you will be privileged to call her even a friend.

She is funny, clever and a little crazy but is always someone that can be depended on especially to put a smile on your face. This is a girl that you will fall in love with and want to give all your attention to.
" It is so difficult to find a genuine and loyal girlfriend these days. I need to find myself a Nadene."
by LDW August 21, 2016
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the best girl on the planet. she is the most caring, loveable happy, crazy, sexy, beastiest person ever.
dude1: hey man you see that hot ass chick over there?

dude2: ya man she's such a nadene.
by mad kilg gaurd September 29, 2011
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Dude, i FUCKED Nadene so hard last night. (you got trashed)
Lucky, we only made out. (a buzz)'
I'm hanging out with Nadene this weekend!
by ANDIEEE October 15, 2006
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Elderly hermaphrodite from "Hoarders" that is extremely frightening and menacing, as well as stubborn, and lives in a trailer because her house is so disgusting. Her husband, a fat lazy disgusting redneck, is depressed over the house, but too lazy to do anything, so one can easily be sympathetic towards his plight.
Nadene's Husband: Can you get me a pickle?
Nadene: (growling voice) I CAN'T GET YOU A PIIICCCKKKKLLE! I'm in a pickle! (To Heather, the woman trying to help them) You're full of *beeeeep* Heather!
Heather: (Spazzing and yelling and having a fit on the street, obviously frustrated) GGGGRRRRRAAAARRRRR!!!!!
by HoarderDef August 31, 2011
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