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You can say someone is affected by the "nackies"...almost like a disease.

The nackies include: unstoppable giggling, terrible clumsiness, an infinite amount of blonde moments, and more.
Nadia and Jackie's nackies are kicking in!

Without a doubt, Zoolander is affected by the nackies.
by Black Inka December 29, 2008
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1. Unpleasant.
2. Nasty.
3. Odd.
4. Crazy.
1. "That ball almost hit my toe!" "Yeah, that would've been nacky!"
2. "These french fries are nacky!"
3. "Yeah, that guy is nacky."
4. "That's nacky!"
by Ibbins February 15, 2007
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A combination of the two words icky and nasty.
“Have you seen that poop tooth? ?? It’s so nacky!!!”
by Emoelee May 03, 2018
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