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A beautiful girl with a heart of a gold. Endlessly kind and forgiving. If you find her never loose her, she will love you forever.
DId you hear? He married a Nabila, that lucky man.
by Hey. I'm cool January 13, 2018
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Nabila, what can I say she’s everything. She is sooooooo lit and a savage. She is so hype and has the best fashion ideas. But know she also has a deep side. Nobody has seen it but she can make you feel every emotion like she has powers. She is beyond the human body. If you ever find a Nabila DONT LOSS HER.
Girl: “I swear Nabila is going to be famous one day”
by 222111Ashley111222 January 20, 2018
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Nabila is a brave, kindhearted girl that’s always there when you need her. She can keep a secret and she will do her best to protect the ones she loves. She is always ready to risk her life but will never leave your side. Her sole will live on in many hearts.
Nabila is like a little girl she walks the halls but the only difference from she and I, is that she walks with a plate of armor.
by 222111Ashley111222 January 07, 2018
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She is a kindhearted girl who always there for someone that she love. She has a very sweet smile and round eyes. She also a very hardworking girl.
She is very kind. She is so Nabila!
by Eddieyn April 23, 2018
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Also a beautiful girl that knows how to be a best friend. She would never let anyone down. When you first meet her she wouldn't be shy, she would be super confident and introduce herself. She isn't shy to express how she feels. She's insecure and doesn't like the way she looks. She tends to be shy and quiet around guys se likes. She is a very hardworking girl and a kindhearted person. She will be there when people need and in trouble. She also has a sweet smile and a matured personality
Look at her. She is so Nabila
by Amelyn April 23, 2018
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A silly, quixotic girl that loves bright colors and laughter. Do not, however, mistake her kindness for weakness because inside, she is a lioness waiting to strike.
I saw this really cute girl fight some broad who was all in her face. She didn't back down or anything. She's so Nabila!
by Mifflinn January 29, 2009
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She's a very chill girl. Listens to music that variety people may not listen to. She's very shy and brave at the same time and she likes to talk to people who actually care about her. She may have been through lots more than you can think which may cause her to have "Stigma or Depression" you can say, who knows she may tell you some amazing stories about her life either emotional or funny. Nabila is a really great person to hangout with and like to be alone and doesn't really like socialising . She has a very interesting personality and has pretty eyes, hazel i guess.
Unknown: Nabila, why don't you talk that much? Are you ok?
Nabila: (laughs) What do you mean? I'm fine
by pseudonymch September 19, 2018
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