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This is a tag seen in New York, mainly Harlem and The Park. This stands for New York Revival which is the belief that the feeling in old-school New York i.e. the 90's should be brought back. The NYR likes such rappers as Nas, Biggie, and Big L.
"Wat r u listening to?"
"Some Illmatic"
"Now thats some NYR shit!!"
by Kid Nicky December 13, 2008
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sending two texts in a row without a reply inbetween.
Rachel: whats up?
Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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An acronym standing for "New Years Resolutioner". An NYR can be spotted at the gym fulfilling their New Year's Resolution to work out. After about 2 or 3 weeks of working out, this rare species often disappears back to their lair for the next 11 months or so before repeating the cycle again and again. Avid gym goers possess the ability to spot these NYR's immediately. The gym goers will often then strike up a conversation about the New York Rangers or something that associates with the initials of NYR, to alert the other gym members that an NYR is among them. The gym goers will then attempt to make the NYR feel awkward or self-conscious in hopes that they will never return. This way the avid gym goers can reclaim their machines, benches, squat racks, or treadmills.
*NYR walks into the gym and grabs your bench even though you still have three sets left*


Avid Gym Goer: Thanks Bill, and hey i hate fat people by the way!
by BSAV February 24, 2011
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