Acronym for Never In Doubt.
Used on sports forums, after an expected win.
It was a trashing, NID.
by malimeda April 15, 2010
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North Indian Dumbo/Dud.. Refers to north indians(esp girls) who are known for being dumb.
'God that Payal is such a NID'
by bumba February 13, 2012
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"NID" stands for "Narcissist Individualist Delusionalism", that usually stands for people who are completely self-centred or care almost none to others than themselves, even if they say the contrary.
Usually intended as an adjective to an individual, rarely to a group.
(Can be used as plural as "nids").
Synonym to word like:
Narcissist, egoist, egomaniac, egocentric, braggart or boaster.

More used, usually, by people to used to describe "woke" affiliated people, but not exclusively, since it's dependant on the person.

Mike: Hey, would Gloria like to come together with the group to clean up the Church?
Antonio:No, she would hate it even if it's a good thing, she is a nid.
Mike:Sad to hear, wouldn't say it if I didn't know her.
Claudio was too focused on his looks to help his peers in collecting money for the school, that's why everyone called him a nid and an egoist.

The school council doesn't help the students and try to get more favourable votes from the professors, everyone needs hates those nids.
by Crimson Duke April 12, 2023
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This is the term used when there is a Nigger in trouble. Commonly used in Gears of War 2, when playing as Cole "THA TRAIN"
Guy 1: "NID! NID!"
Guy 2: "Nigga, I got you!"
Guy 1: "Damn right you do, I'm tha train!"
Guy 2: "Let's roll out... *woof*"
by Bhowitz September 13, 2009
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An acronym for NiGHTS into Dreams, one of the greatest games on and the SEGA Saturn and one of the greatest games of all time.
If you're going to get a Saturn, you're going to need to get NiD.
by TrueNiGHTSFan August 31, 2008
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Someone that is extremely stupid acting in every way possible
by pes April 23, 2003
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When a person with crabs,pubic hair comes in contact with a persons actual head hair (this person must have nits) after these crabs and nits mate this produces nids.

Basically you have aids in your hair.
Harry has been poking sally and stops to scratch his head making the crabs off sallys pubic hair touch the hair on his head, outcome :

ewww man you have nids !
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