to be the freshest dope
i stay on that new new shit
by cocoaa June 21, 2007
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The newest object, anything new it is new new
Carlos - "Damn bro, when you get those kicks?"

Sharp - "Shit foo I got em Monday its that new new."
by keeptalkinfoo June 4, 2019
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a character from the 2006 movie ATL; she goes by New New when going to the hood/ghetto; she calls herself that because she "rocks the 'new new' shit"; she is the daughter of a millioner but hides it; her typical "ghetto getup" is a side ponytail, big bamboo gold earrings with her name in them, babyphat, nikes and a bad fake ghetto accent!

Teenage girls have stolen the name and now are trying to call themselves New New despite not having the wealth to pull off the look.
-Damn did you see New New at the movies?
-Hell yea, she looked so ghetto fabulous!
by st.pete-gurl August 18, 2006
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New pussy. When you meet a girl you really kick it off with and you hit it once and it keeps comin back.
My Life is always tryna find that new new cuz the old ones usually get tired.
by A. Joe March 13, 2010
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1. A new car and/or vehicle.
2. A new booty call or a first bang between two people.

Used in NICKI Minaj's songs
I pull up in that new-new and all them girls wanna get some .
by Jacks4568 November 17, 2015
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Getting more and more depressing by the day. It's all a story of murders, rape, scandals, starvation, oppression, genocide, obscenity, atrosity.

Would do us all a lot more good if there was some good news on once in a while. Or even better if we all decided to do something about the news, dream a bit bigger and actually go out of our way to help those in need. Perhaps do our best to aid our local community in some way...

If we all mucked in and were willing to help a bit then we could make this world maybe a half decent place to live?
The News:
Tonight, a badger baiting scandal developed, more soon on the dire news.

We could make it:

Tonight, a group of people decided to make a difference in the world. Many in their local community, but others further afield. The world is certainly benefitting and I encourage everyone to help! Now the weather.

Let's go guys!
by StickYourNeckOut February 23, 2009
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A public record of all the horrible things that happen in the world every day.
Person A: Did you read the news today?

Person B: No, I'm too depressed to want to read how many people died from being blown up by terrorists/killed in meaningless wars/drowned/overwhelmed by environmental degredation/eaten by wild dogs/etc.

Person A: Okay..... never mind then.
by handoftheemu May 18, 2013
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