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Getting more and more depressing by the day. It's all a story of murders, rape, scandals, starvation, oppression, genocide, obscenity, atrosity.

Would do us all a lot more good if there was some good news on once in a while. Or even better if we all decided to do something about the news, dream a bit bigger and actually go out of our way to help those in need. Perhaps do our best to aid our local community in some way...

If we all mucked in and were willing to help a bit then we could make this world maybe a half decent place to live?
The News:
Tonight, a badger baiting scandal developed, more soon on the dire news.

We could make it:

Tonight, a group of people decided to make a difference in the world. Many in their local community, but others further afield. The world is certainly benefitting and I encourage everyone to help! Now the weather.

Let's go guys!
by StickYourNeckOut February 23, 2009

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