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A land, sea, and space-grant public university that's part of the UNC system. Located in Raleigh, NC. Often picked on by UNC students who think they're important because Michael Jordan attended there over 40 years ago and mommy told them so.

NC State develops students into innovators and leaders. State students often end up in exciting and steady careers that people need and respect since all students, including athletes, take real courses, but more importantly because they didn't go to a university that only offers degrees in gender studies.
The only respectable school in the UNC system is NC State.
by Plabio January 11, 2018
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A place where obnoxious football fans go. When you are walking on the beach with a unc shirt, you'll know who the nc state fans are on the same beach because they will all yell "Wheres the wolfpack?!?!".
1:Lets go for a walk on the beach
2:NO all i have is my unc shirt, and I dont want a bunch of obnoxious redneck nc state fans yelling at my ass because they're mad they didn't get into carolina.
by fkjsdlk;fjsdf February 01, 2011
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1. A so-called university in Raleigh, NC that specializes in degrees such as farming, tractor repiar, and bovine castration.

2. Serves as a fall-back to students not smart enough to get into thier local community college.

3. Best known for pretending to have a rivalry with the University of National Champions, aka UNC.

4. A place that FFA members have wet dreams about

5. A school where the cheerleaders have utters and bells around thier necks
"Where did you go to college, bro?"
"NC State"
"I failed out of Wake Tech"
by Stinger6 May 25, 2013
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