Naimah is the girl who is friends with everyone. She cares about everyone but will always fight for what’s right. She has a gorgeous smile that could light up the world. If you date Naimah she will give you everything in her power to love you as long as you love her back. Her favourite word is always gorg or gorgeous. She has many inside jokes with people and will always remember!! If you have a Naimah in your life, keep her. She is the one of the best girls you will meet x
by NameDefintions123 January 4, 2019
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Naimah is a girl that either have a ass or not (depends) but she’s very nice if your nice to them and she is very friendly and will fight for any of her friends and be a good person to date or wife up
Ex: omg NAIMAH is such a good person
Ex: NAIMAH and you look so good together
Ex: friend: these girls are trying to jump me a naimah: where they at?
by Fhdhfjrhsje December 29, 2018
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Naimah is actually a baby girl name meaning peace and calmness😍
by Hdhdhshsjsjjsjs February 19, 2018
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Naimah is peng , generous , loving and loyal
She will always be by your side whenever you need her.
AND girls if you want a loyal and true girl best friend 😘.
Woii is that Naimah yeah.
by Oluwatemi April 14, 2019
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Naimah is a nice and loyal friend. She will be on your side when you are going through hard times. She is HOT. She is Beutiful and one of the best girlfriends ever. She is shy but very caring. She will always shower you with love. She is a tall glass of wine. She is a great fighter.She is the greatest best friend you will ever have. Memory maker. Don’t loose her you will regret it.😉
Boy#1: She is perfect!
Boy#2 : Sounds like you got yourself a Naimah bro.
by Bhadbishthickk January 27, 2019
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She is a big-hearted woman. Loves cooking and will find new recipes all time.
Wow!! She is a Naimah.
by Someone ❤ December 28, 2017
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Arabic female name meaning "Calmness", "Peaceful" and/ or "Tranquility.
Very pretty girl with beautiful dark eyes and a contagious smile. She has the kindest heart and always sees the best in people. Never expects much but will always give you the world. One in a billion.
"I'm in love with Naimah."
by AsadJJ92 May 21, 2021
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