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Naimah is a nice and loyal friend. She will be on your side when you are going through hard times. She is HOT. She is Beutiful and one of the best girlfriends ever. She is shy but very caring. She will always shower you with love. She is a tall glass of wine. She is a great fighter.She is the greatest best friend you will ever have. Memory maker. Don’t loose her you will regret it.😉
Boy#1: She is perfect!
Boy#2 : Sounds like you got yourself a Naimah bro.
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by Bhadbishthickk January 27, 2019

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Paytence is the thickkkest friend u finna ever have. She pushes u to do stuff which u think u will regret but at the end of the day u had so much fun and made the best choice. She is so kind and generous and cute😘 she is your #1. Crackhead friend.
Boy1:Hey who is she 🥴
Boy2:That’s Paytence 🤤
Boy1:She soooo ThIck
by Bhadbishthickk November 29, 2019

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