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A sacred, all-mighty treasure that has been worshipped for its unlimited power since ancient times. The artifact originated in the palace of king Etana of Sumer, and has been guarded in the depths of a secret chamber. With it, the holder, no matter who they are, and regardless of their race, may legally say the n-word without getting they ass jumped.To receive an n-word pass is to receive a top class of respect in the hood. It is said that for centuries, countless wars have been fought over the n-word pass and who shall be its rightful owner.It is to this day that the power of the n-word pass is biologically granted to black people.

*It is important to note that all people of African or black heritage (at least 40%) have a natural n-word pass,which they are granted at birth. It is theorized that it acts as an organ, inside the testicles.

*It is also important to note that for those who receive an n-word pass, unless the giver says otherwise, that the pass will expire after a certain amount of time, which is typically, but not always, exactly 69 days after receiving the n-word pass.
Jamal brownie: you a real nigga in the hood
Jimmy gringo: for real man?
Jamal brownie: yea my nigga, here's a n-word pass
Jimmy gringo: it is an honor to call you my nigga
Nigga standing by#1 : man jump this foo
Nigga standing by#2:its ight homie he got the n-word pass
by dat young nigga drip December 30, 2019

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