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Laura: Oh! N*sync is amazing!
Danny: It's spelled *Nsync. The star takes the place of the I in 'in' like an apostrophe. Genius.

by Isilwen November 23, 2006
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One of the most successful boy bands in the late 1990's and into the early 2000's. Loved by millions of teenage girls because they sing dance/pop music but hated on by millions of guys because if you're a male and you don't hate boy bands then everyone thinks your gay. N*Sync being the most successful boy band means that the average heterosexual white male should hate them. Mostly white guys hate N*Sync because they dance well, sing black music well and appeal to so many girls. Another reason for the hate is the fact that although at least 4 members of the group can play instruments, they generally don't during their song production, preferring to dance instead. They also co-write many of their songs but it's not respected becasue it's still only pop music. N*Sync began to appeal to the urban market late in their career by collaberating with rap stars and releasing more R&B influenced music.

Though they were highly overrated and initially came off as a manufactured marketing tool for the pop music industry, the group was actually quite talented. Although JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake were the only members of the group who could really sing, as a whole they were known for there elaborate dance coreography, harmonizing and since of humor. Part of their success as a boy band was that they recognized themselves as a boy band and didn't take themselves too seriously. Upon realizing that the popularity of generic pop music and boy bands in general was dying off by the 2000's (at least in the US) Justin Timberlake (the most talented all around member of the group) broke out of the group and went solo coming out with his own successful album. Timberlake sold out his bandmates and made a R&B type album and guest performing with rap groups.
Girl: I Love N*Sync
Boy 1: N*Sync is a bunch of fags
Boy 2: I kind of like N*Sync
Boy 1: You're gay!
by Kurt91 September 17, 2005
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An untalented manufactured singing group that can't play instruments. They are all homos, but since they appeal to 9 year old mini-sluts with no pubic hair, they got rich. See the Backstreet Boys.
by Da Dude October 17, 2003
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a boy band that apparently enrages people to a ridiculous point of anger. Therefore causing them to incorrectly spell their "cut downs", such as "faggot", but with an et. Over and over the only remarks said were all gay related. Showing they haven't graduated from the fifth grade, haven't left their hillbilly town ever to have any culture and maturity. The following is a quote from this site.
Fags! Kill the meaning of MANHOOD!
Source: Big XY, May 24, 2003
by Aurie August 25, 2005
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Group of 5 gay men who are completely devoid of any sort of personality and whose souls are empty. They initially started out as a moneymaking enterprise for a one Lou Perlman, but, becoming greedier, have since stuck out on their own. To date, not one of their songs has shared anything that could be considered meaningful with the rest of humanity, and indeed stand guilty of depriving many people of hope. Personally, I would like the 20 minutes of my life that I was forced to listen to their music back.

See also: N'suck
Wow, that N'sync really sucks. They are gay, right?
by Archangel September 04, 2003
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What happens when you take 5 guys, teach them how to lip-synch, and put them in front of 2034823792416234120 screaming 13 year old girls
N*Sync makes me want to shove a spoon in my eye, and then scoop out my brains
by Maxxwell August 14, 2005
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