Nine to the Head: To shoot a person in the head with a nine millimeter handgun.
"If he does it one more time, N to the H baby!"
by Ken Nightingale September 7, 2005
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Not alot here, usually used when writing a note or an email or on an im, when someone asks wuts up? you say n-a-l-h
Wuts up dude?
n-a-l-h, u?
by Insane February 7, 2004
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Stands for no homo.

Used after a sentence to make it sound less gay/homosexual.
Dude I want you inside me, n/h.

I love paynus, n/h.
by gashntarb4evr August 7, 2007
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Bitches and Hoes
Originated Woodbury, MN By P.M. flex
Call up those b's n h's
by rayray April 1, 2005
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Chuck Norris RoundHouse Kick, usually to the face but can be applied to any body part. Resulting in an immediate knockout, Derives from the imfamous Chuck Norris and his ability to solve any problem with a roundhouse kick.
Hey T-Fresh dat hocake muthafucka is about to get a C N R H K to the face, real proper like.
by drake savage November 28, 2007
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means nothin much here just chillin. Often used on the internet, but mostly used with todays younger community when writin notes to eachother...
Hey gurl,
Whatcha ya doin, me n/m/h/j/c....
by Sierra March 4, 2005
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Loves Asian food and anime is also closely related to Ronald McDonald and will cheat on you 100% would definitely throw in garbage 10/10 don't even hang out with them (not meant as an offensive way to call an Asian)
Dude that M A N T H O T loves anime and Asian food go steal hos bread
by KikMehSIS January 13, 2019
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