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A man so elusive and mysterious that sightings are rare and those who encounter should feel privileged. Mr. Boo has been known to have a life changing influence on those he meets.
The Mythical Mr. Boo just had his tear ducts surgically relocated to his groin, because the only time he cries is when he's standing in front of a urinal.*

The Mythical Mr. Boo is intergenerational. If you are what you wear, he is his own grandma.*

The Mythical Mr. Boo always lifts the lid of the toilet before he pees. Then he sits down while doing so.*

The Mythical Mr. Boo enjoys wearing fish flesh, or "sea scales," as he calls them, and tauntingly dancing in front of hungry kittens.*

The Mythical Mr. Boo is half Irish. The whole left side of his body is a Leprechaun. I think that's why The Mythical Mr. Boo likes pots of gold so much.*

The Mythical Mr. Boo doesn't believe in luck, although he does enjoy chopping off rabbit's feet.*

The Mythical Mr. Boo is like a fog that creeps about your window while you are fornicating with your wife. And just like fog, if the police ever catch him, he'll be cleared by morning.*

*Examples in C/O Jarod Kintz
by Kyle O'Neill November 07, 2007
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