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Title: TV Show on the Discovery Channel. Two quirky science-geeks (Adam Savage (the redhead) and Jamie Hyneman (The beret and mustache) try to test Urban Legends and popular Myths.

Adj. 1: A very large, powerful explosion

Adj. 2: A very large, powerful fuckup
1. HOLY SHIT! Did you see that nuclear bomb test? That was so mythbusters!

2. DAMN IT! I pulled a real mythbuster on my car. Shouldn't have tried to drive through that lake.
by ladydeakin April 28, 2005

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1. Proper name: The beret-wearing, well mustached, smart host of Mythbusters.

2. Adj: Anyone with a big mustache.
1. Yes, I know it was stupid to try to jump off the side of a skyscraper. Thank you, Jamie Hyneman!

2. Nice soup strainer, Hyneman! Communing with our walrus-brethern, are we?
by ladydeakin April 28, 2005

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