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Kari Byron is an extremly talented build team member/researcher on the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters. Kari Byron is usually assigned to tackle secondary myths on the show or assist the hosts in busting the larger-scale myths.

Kari Byron has a Bachelor's degree in film and sculpture which explains her proficiency serving on the build team of Mythbusters. Her artistic background ensures that no build is too far-fetched or difficult. Kari Byron's intellect and talent are nothing less than impressive and are very well suited to busting myths, urban legends and old wive's tales much to the delight of Mythbusters fans everywhere.

Interestingly enough, in addition to being so talented, Kari Byron has been confirmed as being the cutest redhead known to man. Do not dispute it.
Kari Byron, helping to bust myths while ofsetting the show's geekiness with her sunny personality, beautiful smile and expertise in reckless demolition in the name of science.
by Skeeter McDougal September 28, 2005
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