A female who has penis but keeps it a secret until it is revealed to the person they are attempting to have intercourse with
Me and my girl where about to go down until I found out she was a mystifier
by JupiterLOJ February 13, 2017
Thinks hes good at fortnite but in reality hes really bad.
Everyone: OMG, that guy thinks hes so good when hes trash hes such a mystified
by monkeboi101 June 16, 2021
to be confused or puzzled
i am so mystified as to why she is with that fugly a*$ mother f*@$er
by sofa king cool May 17, 2006
sum scrawny ass annoyin bitch ass white boy that says "K" every 10 seconds.

the most annoyin ass human that youll ever meet.
"hey im mystified! i suck dick and sacredthegoat negs!"

"Person 1: Yo bro I just won the lottery."
"Person 2: K."
"Person 1: dawg dont be such a mystified."
by sacredthegoat June 21, 2022
Mystify on järjestelmäherra
by Mystify August 13, 2003
The greatest game in the history of time.
Check it out at www.mystifygames.co.uk
The best game ever is mystify soccer
by Roberto March 26, 2004