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A record or album that sells one million copies or more as recognized by the Christian Recording Industry of South Park.
Congratulations boys, your album "Im Ready 4 Your Meat" sold its one millionth copy today! First day and its already gone Myrrh!
by Fingurbang July 15, 2009
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Another name for synthetic marijuana that is sold as incense in head shops.
Jesus had a piss test coming up soon so instead of taking the risk of failing it, he went to the wise man down the street and picked up a couple of bags of myrrh.
by papuanewguineapunkjr March 11, 2011
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Myrrh is a magical dewdrop from a myrrh tree used to refresh a town's crystal so then the town is safe from miasma. although the crystal must be refreshed every year, the trees will have a new drop every two years.
The heroes from Tipa move their caravan to find myrrh to save their town. But the miasma can be removed. It will be a very long journey since you'll need your chalis to have the unknown element.
by Cats April 18, 2004
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To be a coward in the face of danger. To be un-helpful to others in their time of need.
1. The white mage was acting very myrrh as her comrades fell all around her in heat of battle.

2. "Don't be so myrrh!" said the dying orphen as it reached out its hand in need.

by Jtown September 28, 2006
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