a loving and caring person who is strong willed and very artistic. he makes a girl happy and finds meaning in everyone's life. he can make you smile and laugh but never likes when a person cries.
you're Mykey dude! who doesn't love you?! if so then they have a few screws loose
by BellaoftheBall June 7, 2011
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A weird guy with a gay perm and loves to be choked by other men. Has a massive ego and is set on being retarded.
by Drakeeer December 5, 2018
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1. A douchebag.
2. When you shit on the floor and some douchebag steps on it.
3. The act of shitting on the floor.
4. The act of shitting upside down.
Mykey is a mykey.

Raul is a mykey.

Joey is a HUGE mykey.
by Terd Furgeson November 28, 2006
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The guitarist of Tragedy Awaits Us, he has an excessive amount of dirty whores added on myspace (http://www.myspace.com/dirt456) he loves stuffed animals and his amazing girlfriend Jessabear. Fig newtons and orange juice are his favorite foods. His brother is Salcore the vocalist of Fight the Fear. He is amazing<3
Wow that Mykey Massacre is one spiffy guy!!!
by haiiiii'mcoolnstuffff April 17, 2009
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