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Mychal is a variant of the name Michael (Hebrew) which translates to English as "who is like God". The name is borne in the Bible by one of the seven archangels. He is the one closest to God and is responsible for carrying out God's judgments.

Mychal is a popular Irish name for a male. The female version is less common and is often spelled "Michal".
That Mychal O'Reilly is a fine Irish lad, now give 'im a pint o' Guinness & rub his head for good luck!
by MinnesotaFats February 11, 2010
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This person is generally and really cool person. He is down to earth and has an amazing personality. A Mychal usually has gorgeous eyes and is dorky and/or nerdy, making this person easy to be around and fun.
Just meet a Mychal and you'll know what I mean.
by aiirrbodyluvmee January 22, 2011
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The biblical wife of King David. In modern times Mychal is used to describe women who are beautiful, smart, talented, sweet, and shy with long blond hair. Can be used to refer to women that look like angels.
That girl is perfect, she is a Mychal for sure.
by sirfur August 13, 2009
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