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Myasia is a very outgoing,funny, and friendly person but doesn't like anyone to be in their personal business because it their Life, their choices, their mistakes, their lessons, and they would like to keep it that way. Myasia does what she thinks is right, no matter what every one else thinks. Myasia is very friendly and can attract friends very easily because of her great personality. Myasia is unique. Myasia is pretty. Myasia is a queen. Myasia is a boss. Myasia is very loyal and trustworthy and would also beat a bitch ass.
Myasia is a great friend.
Myasia is crazy and very hilarious.
Myasia beat that bitch up.
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Most amazing girl out there very talented there tall around 5'5-5'6 but beautiful and not only on the outside, dark brown hair and eyes she a curvy figure. They are great friends to have so get to know one of them. Myasia's may have attitude towards you sometimes but they your back all the way, help you through tough time's she a cool kat she really chill so hang with her. They attract guys but not an easy target, there wifey material. Maybe a little shy when owning up to feelimgs but if she tells you she loves you them by all means it's true.
You can never have a best friend or a better wife than a myasia.

Guy 1: why can't I have her as my girlfriend
Guy 2: duhh she a myasia there not so easy to get with take it slow with her
by Emojigirl😍 March 14, 2017
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This girl is a total bitch . she's sloppy , and stuck up . she talks shit behind your back although she's supposed to be your friend . but overall she knows how to make friends and get pretty but neither one lasts long .
Myasia is gross .... Looking .
by dGoods February 24, 2015
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