an awesome song by the greatest rock band in the world, the who. forget the beatles, the who created real rock. i mean they were the first people to start that hitting your instruments to the ground.
some weird slut: "what are you listening to?"
me: "my generation by the who."
slut: "huh? is that like old music?"
me: "no its a new hip hop band, you should go buy their rock opera tommy!"

-all i can say now is that all the sluts at my school are now listening to the who.
by jesse sucks March 7, 2005
my generation, which is today's adolescents, is considered the most apetheic generation yet. true, ne?
by Ninj4 December 7, 2003
The first generation to have no rebellion, no dissent, no revolution. Comprised almost entirely of people going with the flow and cliques like Emo which are perpetuated by corporations that make money off of them.

With this new generation comes a new media technology. Like TV, radio, and probably some other thing before it, the Internet lets people communicate and do stuff in a new way of some kind. Hmm.

We're raised in an era of mass hysteria, fake democracy and facaded fascism, and we keep getting fooled again and again.
- epic fail

- epic fail

"Iraq has weapons of mass destruction!"
- epic fail former president

"Bailouts and shit will help the economy."
- epic fail president

"You're all conformists, I'll go off and listen to Linkin Park or some shit now."
- epic fail at nonconformity

"Yeah, I know shit's fucked up. So?"
- epic apathy

"Democrats and republicans are different somehow."
- epic fail

"Obama's a socialist."
- epic fail

- September 11th, 2001

"We republicans are conservatives and run this country by the constitution. And think the PATRIOT act is a good idea."
- hypocrisy

"We democrats are liberals and are into liberation and human rights. And think the PATRIOT act is a good idea."
- hypocrisy

"We don't need school, we have the internet."
- my generation

"We're different in some way from every other generation"
- wrong
The quintessential Who song. It was one of the first songs to have a fucking badass bass solo, and the stuttering vocals are extremely distinctive (I think that they were that way because the Who were a mod band at this time, and the mods were always going on speed, which makes you stutter, but again I'm not sure about this). Without the Who, rock would not be the same. My Generation rocks harder than all this modern pop shit that corporations pull out of their ass combined. It's one of those songs that people will still be listening to in 400 years (along with the rest of the Who because they were fucking legendary) I just wish I could relate to the song...
Most memorably, the Who destroyed their set after playing this song at the Monterrey Pop festival in 1967. they became famous for instrument destruction after that, especially with this song
People try to put us d-down (talkin bout my generation)
just because we g-get around (talkin bout my generation)
Things they do look awful c-c-cold (talkin bout my generation)
I hope I die before I get old (talkin bout my generation)
C'mon guys-who gives a shit about "The Who"-let's straighten things out here!...
"My Generation" is a poetic rock ballad written by the compulsive rock band Limp Bizkit-the song deals with the critical and fragualle tension our society is into...The band describes their opinion and frustration saying the words:shit,fuck,motherfucker & fucked up during all of the song to manipulate anger and to swipe the listener from his feet.

I realy meen all that i've just said...
"We don't-don't give a fuck on-Till u ever give a fuck on-till u-u give a fuck about me-and MY GENERATION"

Aaaahhhh-Fred Durst,never fails to surprise me...he should teach Mozart how to compose music...
by Benny D1 March 22, 2007
Debut Album by The Who released December 3,1965.
My Generation:
1."Out in the Street"
2."I Don't Mind"
3."The Good's Gone"
4."La-La-La Lies"
5."Much Too Much"
6."My Generation"
7."The Kids Are Alright"
8."Please, Please,Please"
9."It's Not True"
10."I'm a Man"
11."A Legal Matter"
12."The Ox"
by Taxman September 17, 2006
A group of people who claim that they are the best and are really special just because they listen to 80's music.
These people are mostly kids and teens who comment negative remarks on how everyone's taste of music sucks on Justin Bieber music videos.

_Keep in mind that someone who is confident in their taste of music doesn't need to let everyone know_
by RandyTheRockerRichards September 1, 2018