This "Dad" character sent my mom 15 bucks for my bithday last week.
by Rick June 6, 2004
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Dad: "Hey Son! Turns out I'm HIV positive. So you might wanna get checked out."

Me: "Sure thing Dad!"

Doctor: "You've got Aids"

Me: "Shit! MY DAD gave me Aids!"
by MyDadGaveMeAids! December 3, 2018
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*hears car engine start*
My Dad-BYE!
Me-But i said no changing spots:(
by The_smart_dude February 8, 2021
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a term coined by rapper Wiz Khalifa that is use to refer to a friend. interchangeable with my homie or my nigga.
that sharpie sized doob you rolled is g, my dad.
by eygirlmelenie April 5, 2010
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The bitch who was addicted to herion for the first 10 years of my life
"oh no my dad is in jail"
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