You call your partner this as a term of endearment, especially when he or she is small and weird but lovable weird.
by Lozevil January 13, 2023
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1. Statement of thinly veiled elitism. Often used when requestor is not deserving of help, or is not seen as deserving of help by philanthropic elists.

2. Used to define elitism with negative connotations.
While discussing domestic policy of the latest US administration, Jamal does his best impression of the executive leader and states "You may have my peanut shells, working poor."
by chrismeena November 22, 2005
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to "toss a salad" while cumming all over the floor of the room. Difficult to time properly, unless of course you are one of those guys who can get off just thinking about it.
Liia: I let Andrew mix my peanut butter sooo good last night!!
Josh: You are weird.
by pntmixer4000 March 25, 2007
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Expression used when you’re having a serious issue in your quotidian life.
N°1: My mom stole my chicken and I had big beef with her. So I threw the rest of the chicken in her face.

N°2: Yes dude you had no choices to give yourself some respect.

N°1: Argh, kill my peanut.
by Yslbxtvh August 12, 2020
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