Someone who constantly refers to their friends as "my buddy (insert name here)", even though you may have met that person 100 times.

This person generally has so many cousins and aquaintances that he can't keep track of who knows who - he is only confident that he knows everyone. Or at least knows someone who knows someone who knows everyone.
Harsh: Dude, what's up for this weekend?
Johnny: My buddy Powers is having a Halloween party on Saturday, should be epic.
Harsh: "My Buddy Powers"? Dude, I've met the kid 100 times, you can just say "Powers".
Johnny: Fuck yo couch. That's what my buddy PJ always says.
Harsh: Jesus christ.
by mikepo21 October 31, 2012
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My buddy was a large doll that was marketed for boys. It had a large head and plush body and was supose to be "a boy's best friend." Parents who were against violence usually bought this doll as a replacement for G.I. Joe.
My brother got one for christmas one year, that doll is just creepy. Like a dolled up version of chucky.
"A my buddy doll! I wanted a G.I. JOE!"
by crystal_pepzi September 21, 2006
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a gun.. or perhaps a knife or other weapon but mainly a gun
"my buddy my buddy wherever I go he goes" 50 Cent and G-Unit
by dymedoutmami315 December 28, 2004
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Coolong or any type of asian tea with a strong aroma.
My coolong, My coolong where ever i go, the TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA go.
by Don Juan June 16, 2004
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My Buddy Eric has dedicated his life to doing everything no matter how obscure and to being the buddy of as many people as possible.
Person 1: hey, my buddy Eric did that!
Person 2: hey, mine too
by K.F.K. January 26, 2022
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The phrase “My buddy Eric” originated from a TikTok trend in which users would record themselves doing odd things with the caption, “Y’all the first to see” or something like that. Eg “Y’all the first to see a buzz lightyear action figure be dipped in chic fil a sauce.” This trend then lead to people commenting things like “My buddy Eric saw this first.”, even though it was very odd. This then became popular in internet culture, and My buddy Eric became a household name.
Nah my buddy Eric saw this first”
by memesplainer January 24, 2022
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Suck my buddy is when u say suck my dick first said my khairallah Rifai
Yo fam suck my buddy
by Suck-my-buddy April 1, 2019
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