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A technically-free browser-based virtual pet game, where you can breed and design mweors, cat-like animals that come in six varieties (Lesser, Longhair, Earth, Fire, Water, Air). The art is done by Idess, and the code is done by Kahlem.

You can create custom mweors from statues bought with MP (special currency which is purchased IRL), add accessories and backgrounds to your mweor, and decorate your profile with text, pictures and GIFs. The official art is very pretty, and there are many different coat patterns and mutations available. The gaining of currency revolves around mweor trading, art sales, raffles, and minigames. It is relatively easy to get 100,000mm (a good amount of money) within a week, if you have two accounts (which is the maximum that you are allowed).

For the most part, people are very kind and generous on Mweor, however you will encounter some ninjas, and some people who are downright rude. The unofficial art pieces for sale are ridiculously overpriced, and often not of very good quality. You have to look hard for good mweors, and, again, they are usually overpriced. On top of that, the mods (not Idess or Kahlem, the other mods) are nepotists.
I just got this awesome mwit from my custom pair on Mweor!

Mweor's pretty cool. It's like Gaia but with less trolls.
by Mauve Henderson April 07, 2011
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Mweor is a Technically-Free Semi-Realistic Internet Game based on virtual felines- "Mweors". You may breed, spar, and play with your mweor. There are markings that make each Mweor unique. You can give it items such as collars, jewelry, toys, pets, hats, etc.

The game has 100,000+ members, with more joining every minute. Members can interact with each other by Private Message, Chat, or Boards.

Mweor has two types of currency: MM, and MP. MM can be aquired by playing games, winning raffles or contests, as well as selling art and mweors to other players. MP can be aquired by buying it using real life money through the MP Center, or buying it from other players using MM. You can use MP to purchase statues, which will allow you to create a custom Mweor, as well as buying other things available around the site.

The members of the site are very social, and are always posting in the forum boards. Although many are wonderful players, you will encounter a troll or n00b, and it is best to report them to the Mods if they break any rules.

The site was created by Kah and Idess. They aren't very active in the community, Idess involves herself in the Mweor Community sometimes, and Kah, nearly never. The Moderators- They try to keep peace on the site. sometimes they make mistakes, but they're only human, and people make mistakes.

Overall, the site is pretty enjoyable, but, like all good things, it has it's issues.
I just got some awesome new mwits and won some contests, I'm loving Mweor!

Sounds good, but I just got fined for a Flame War when we were just having a civilized debate.
by Katerina Etalle July 25, 2011
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Mweor is a virtual pet sim revolving around mystical cat creatures, known as 'mweors'. It is coded by Kahlem and the art is done by Idess, and the site opened in December of 2008. The gameplay is similar to that of Wajas, but of the feline version. You can create custom mweors, or you can breed to get what you desire.

The sub-plot, 'Sparring'. The idea is that you put as many as 200 cats in a greek-like sparring arena and they battle. The idea is not very well thought out, and much like the owner's other system of showing dogs, on the site

Most of the members are snarky & have a 'kill-or-be-killed' outlook on life.The Moderators tolerate, & even join in on the ganging up. the members are the type who will berate you when you post on the wrong forum, & post 'FLAME WAR FLAME WAR' when people are just having a civilized debate.

Trolls and n00bs love Mweor, cause the moderators aren't very active. Sexual things are often left up for over an hour. This is a 'Family oriented' game. The moderators are rude, and think it is fun to edit your posts, writing '____ was here'. They are lacking maturity, and a life.

Children from the ages of 10-15 will tell you they are Therians, Part of a mulitiple system, horribly abused, incredibly poor (yet they have a computer...), have a skew of things that make them 'different' such as synthesia, depression, OCD, ADHD, etc.

The gameplay is quite fun, the moderators are quite snobby, and the members are insane, weird site.
cat n00b fantasy troll sim game wajasmweor
by Goodnessme October 13, 2010
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