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Mweor is a virtual pet sim revolving around mystical cat creatures, known as 'mweors'. It is coded by Kahlem and the art is done by Idess, and the site opened in December of 2008. The gameplay is similar to that of Wajas, but of the feline version. You can create custom mweors, or you can breed to get what you desire.

The sub-plot, 'Sparring'. The idea is that you put as many as 200 cats in a greek-like sparring arena and they battle. The idea is not very well thought out, and much like the owner's other system of showing dogs, on the site www.furry-paws.com.

Most of the members are snarky & have a 'kill-or-be-killed' outlook on life.The Moderators tolerate, & even join in on the ganging up. the members are the type who will berate you when you post on the wrong forum, & post 'FLAME WAR FLAME WAR' when people are just having a civilized debate.

Trolls and n00bs love Mweor, cause the moderators aren't very active. Sexual things are often left up for over an hour. This is a 'Family oriented' game. The moderators are rude, and think it is fun to edit your posts, writing '____ was here'. They are lacking maturity, and a life.

Children from the ages of 10-15 will tell you they are Therians, Part of a mulitiple system, horribly abused, incredibly poor (yet they have a computer...), have a skew of things that make them 'different' such as synthesia, depression, OCD, ADHD, etc.

The gameplay is quite fun, the moderators are quite snobby, and the members are insane, weird site.
by Goodnessme October 13, 2010
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