Someone who is always at the center of something going wrong. A scapegoat. A deviant.
It Must Have Been Chris Valentine.
by BrittanyJohnson January 25, 2011
I opened my eyes, and there was a ghost. I started panicking. My eyes suddenly opened up once again; I sat up straight, "It must have been a dream."
by Docof_LEGO January 15, 2016
Variant on that's what she said. Used when something was probably awkward.
A: well it's two of you against me. do i really have a choice?
B: that must have been awkward for you.

A: idk. i kinda forgot i was doing it
B: (that must have been awkward...)

A: you'd probably want to play with my older brother. kind of a beast.
B: that must have been awkward.

A: psh. i've never 'frustrated' you before in my life.
B: that must have been awkward for you, then.

A: could do that with anything
B: that must have been awkward for you, then.
by carpenoctem63141 March 1, 2009
Knowledge that someone is talking about you when you were not present.
Your ears must have been ringing, I could not stop telling people about you.
by Rebecca Wolf May 31, 2008