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Anyone who believes that only white people can be racists; yet, they not only feel the need to call every other race any derogatory name they want but they feel like that they earned the right to do so.
Chris does not realize that everytime he preaches hatred for the white man and calls them insulting names like he is currently doing, he does nothing but makes himself look like the racist idiot that everyone has grow to hate.
by Al "Nappy Hair" Sharpton October 25, 2009
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A person that thinks they can say the n-word directly to a black person, and think the black person won't get offended, or mad...A person who says any racist, or derogatory words aimed at a black person, and think the blacks won't be offended
That Racist Idiot said nigger to Johnny yesterday, and now he thinks Johnny is his friend, and not offended by the n-word, so now the Racist Idiot thinks Johnny will hang out with him, and not be offended by the n-word
by Hakeem Allen December 10, 2007
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