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When a woman switchs between various male sexual partners quickly with little or no thought.
Jen was fucking Bill then she fucked Brian and now shes fuckin Bill again. Shes totally playing Musical Dicks with those two.
by Dukes parkway February 25, 2009
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Objective: to be the last guy getting his dicked sucked, or the last girl sucking a dick

Players: you'll need 2 or more guys, and 1 more girl than guys (the girls are probably gonna need to be drunk sluts)

Game Description: the guys sit in lawn chairs in a circle, the music starts and the girls start walking around the circle, when the music stops, the girls after to start sucking the dick of the nearest guy, whoever doesn't have a dick to suck is out. the guy who gets off first is out also. now there should be 1 less girl and 1 less guy (still having 1 more girl than guys), the next round starts with music. this continues until 1 girl is sucking off 1 guy.
Guy at party: "Hey, let's play Musical Dicks!"
Slut: "Musical dicks! What's that?"
Guy at party: "Well...(explains game). So do ya wanna play?"
Slut: "Oh boy do I!"
(music starts)
by RichardWhatsHappening March 22, 2012
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