Muser : Someone who does Tik Toks (Musicallys) or somebody who uses Tik Tok (
All my musers unite!

Idk XD
by idk_definitions November 29, 2018
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1. Any made up phrase that makes zero sense.
2. An improved sentence to make as a joke, and possibly make yourself look stupid on purpose.
Muserism in a sentence:
Wow, that muserism you said is so random.

Examples of Muserisms:
Elephants invented walking while juggling a pile of bricks.

The only way to get a splinter out of an elbow is to rub a gallon of peanut butter on it then slap it with a rotting fish.
by ThatOneZach January 19, 2012
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This is what a retarded kid with a lisp would say because he can't say MOTHER.
by Tu.Padre August 10, 2018
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The growing group of musers well versed in everything related to the band Muse, and its members.

They take their name from a youtube video showing the lead singer, Matt Bellamy (A.K.A. God,) catching a fish, which he proceeds to name "pwoper".

A Muser usually reaches pwoperness when he or she has heard all 126 songs, and knows the lyrics to approximately 76 of them. The definition of pwoperness reaches out to include involvement in the muse community, knowledge of various muse gigs, knowledge of interviews, Affiliation with TakeABow19, and knowledge of every single article of clothing worn by either Matt Bellamy, Dom Howard, or Chris Wolstenholme.
"My sister is a Pwoper Muser. All she ever talks about is the fucking glitterati!"

"I'm a Pwoper Muser. I don't have a favorite Muse album."
by TheNoodleFish January 17, 2012
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Any of the 10 crazy fans (Katie, Cathryn, Alana, Cal, John, Kent, Jen, Nick, Nicole, & Zina) who stayed after the Strand gig on April 16th, 2004 until well past three in the morning. They chatted it up with Dom and Chris, almost made it into the club with aforementioned, sat near the tires to stay warm, and were served coffee (with *sugarcubes), Hershey's kisses, and crisps by the infamous Tom Kirk. May they never forget the ties that bind them.
Oi! Tom! Remember me? I'm one of that crazy lot that wouldn't leave after Providence! I'm a Post Midnight Muser!
by Istya June 28, 2004
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