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A man who plays Team Fortress 2 sometimes and often does so with ridiculous perriferals just to keep the game feeling fresh.
"Did you see Muselk's last video?"

"Yeah, I didn't think it was possible to play a first person shooter with a steering wheel!"
by random6849 September 04, 2016
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A Overwatch/TF2 YouTuber that also plays different games. On his primary channel, his main videos are Fortnite or Overwatch. He previously mained TF2 for a long time. Then he switched over to Overwatch then to Fortnite. On his secondary YouTube Channel, "MoreMuselk" his main source of content is TF2. He's also an Australian Male.
"Hey man, have you seen Muselk's recent video?"
"I unsubbed from Muselk because he switched to Overwatch.
by SpahStudios May 31, 2018
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