A talented glam metal band that's slightly punk but mostly goth, if you want to label them (and you better not, you bastards...) that used to be known as The Rejects. Murderdolls only has one CD, Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls, but the re-release has 6 bonus tracks and a DVD. The lineup for the dolls is:

Wednesday 13 on vocals
Joey Jordison (drummer for Slipknot) on guitar
Acey Slade (replacement for Tripp Eisen, guitarist in Static-X) on guitar
Ben Graves on drums
Eric Griffen on bass
Notable Songs:

"Slit my Wrist"
"Dead in Hollywood"
"Love at First Fright"
"People Hate Me"
"She was a Teenage Zombie"
"Die my Bride"
"Graverobbing USA"
"Dawn of the Dead"
"Let's go to War"
"White Wedding"
"Welcome to the Strange"
"I Love to say Fuck"
by Cam Krout July 26, 2004
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an extremely talented and sexy lookin band who have awesome styles in both music AND dress!!!
they are one of the greatest bands in the world!!!
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Fuck all that hip-hop crap, Murderdolls is the shit. Oh, and Fuck MTV/2 for not playing their vids (bunch of pussy bastards).
by I forget December 28, 2004
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a glam metal band that emerged mid 2001. The debut album contains mostly frankenstein drag queens from planet13 songs but they are great.
very tougue-in-cheek and do not take themselves seriously. The greatest band to emerge in a long time.
person1:murderdolls? who are they?
person2: Like Alice cooper, kiss, motley crue and afi mashed together with some dawn of the dead thrown in for good measure
by SNAP September 19, 2003
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Wednesday 13, Joey Jordison, Acey Slade, Eric Griffin, and Ben Graves. They are the 5 hottest guys in the world and they're all so talented that it makes me want to cry. Wednesday 13 is in the 13 dead kids and the frankenstein drag queens from planet 13, which murderdolls get most of their songs from. tripp eisen used to be in the band and now he is on temporary loan with static-x and acey slade from dope took his place in murderdolls. joey jordison is the drummer from slipknot. murderdolls used to be called the rejects.
murderdolls are the best f***in band on the planet earth.
by iLoveJoeyJordison March 22, 2004
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The murderdolls are a glam-horror-punk-
whatevergenreyougiveadamnabout band; but regardless of that, they are probably one of the best bands in the world. Their only single release contains very little material from FDQFP13 and 13 Dead Kids, as you would know if you read the album insert.
"Murderdolls iz da shiz-naz, mofo!!"

"Murderdolls are just as cool as FDQ and 13 Dead Kids"
by Twigglesworth March 29, 2005
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the best band ever. the last two people wrote what in my opinion is total nonesense. they make me smile. they're kewl. end of. each song relates to different moods. they're songs are jokey as well. i.e
"i took her to the movies, i took her to the park. i took her in the backseat&&thats where she stole my heart" a joke because zombies are well known for ripping peoples insides out! =. murderdolls songs are to do with more than you think...
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