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The act of getting so drunk while playing a cooperative online game that your team has not chance of success.
Dude, we totally got murched by that healer.
by WoWGamer August 20, 2010
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Pretty much the coolest thing since Cabbage Patch Kids. Has an obsession with Spongebob & Mashed Potatoes. Is known to make you laugh and will also make you cry like you're cutting onions. Don't piss this bitch off or You're goin to Hell.

Also a thug, gangster, baller, or any other term you would like to relate to the word p.i.m.p.
You see that girl over there? She's such a Murch.
by Murch June 17, 2008
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its pretty much watever u want it to all depends on how u use it
u murchin=u trippin
Murch!?!=aww foreal?
by Mr.E.K.G February 28, 2011
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A fine girl. Usually distinguished by a fine ass booty. Also means great in bed.
"That girl is so damn fine! She's most deff a Murch." OR
"That was really fantastic lesbian sex. That ho was 'Murchin' it."
by Victoria'saslut. June 17, 2008
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To royally botch a scenario because of faulty ideology, weakness of will, or general incompetence. Especially relating to sexual scenarios and drug use.
Don' Murch this bong rip like you murched that 4 way the other night because you couldn't handle your girl getting touched by other people.
by Trublu December 17, 2014
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