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Multie or Multi-Syllable Rhyme. The art of Which to Rhyme Several Syllables of a Word and/or Words to create One Elongated Rhyme, Increasing Flow and Creativity. And Not of Rhyming Multiple 1 Syllable Words in a Bar!
Example of Whats NOT a Multie;
~You'll get Shot wit a GUN till Ya SPUN,cuz It's FUN~
(Saying Multiple 1 Syll. Words in the Same line is not a Multie....See Inners.)
Example of a Multie;
I'm the Devilish REBEL I'M MAC...Check it i'm HEAVILY PACKED
I'll LEVEL YA TRACK,...Ya lips are movin but the TREBLE IS LACKED
(See how each Syllable in the Highlighted word Rhymes Perfectly)
by Mac-Leven June 12, 2008
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A similar word to "selfie"
A multie is a picture taken by a person, of more than one person, with one hand holding the camera.
My sister took a multie with her two friends.
by Urbey July 05, 2014
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