a stan twitter user that stans more than one artist , whether it’s kpop artists or western artists , and who do not throw who they stan under the bus , because being a mutli means you can love and stan as many artist as you want without throwing them under the bus.
olivia : i love ariana and bts
rachel : so you are a multi

olivia : yes i am

jamie : i stan bts and loona
poppy : yes multis unite

jamie : loonarmys rise!!
by multisrise January 16, 2019
Short for "multisyllabic rhyme". A type of rhyming used most commonly in Rap songs in which multiple syllables are rhymed at the end of a line rather than one. Sometimes confused with In-Rhymes.
Big Pun and Big L both showcase a special talent for stringing together lines of multies.
by OPM Fiend February 16, 2009
The Literal Definition Of Trash. A Twitch Streamer That Is So Bad He Pays With A Friend Who Fingerbanged His Sister
Hey, Heard of multied? Neither have I?
by Flckd August 20, 2019
Multie or Multi-Syllable Rhyme. The art of Which to Rhyme Several Syllables of a Word and/or Words to create One Elongated Rhyme, Increasing Flow and Creativity. And Not of Rhyming Multiple 1 Syllable Words in a Bar!
Example of Whats NOT a Multie;
~You'll get Shot wit a GUN till Ya SPUN,cuz It's FUN~
(Saying Multiple 1 Syll. Words in the Same line is not a Multie....See Inners.)
Example of a Multie;
I'm the Devilish REBEL I'M MAC...Check it i'm HEAVILY PACKED
I'll LEVEL YA TRACK,...Ya lips are movin but the TREBLE IS LACKED
(See how each Syllable in the Highlighted word Rhymes Perfectly)
by Mac-Leven June 13, 2008
in rap when u rhyme multiple words without repeating(unless u get a lot a syllables then u can cheat a litle)

also see multy
Ghettojoe: noone ~chose~this~smitty~/
He friggn ~blows~his~kitty~/
He thinks his ~flows~is~witty~/
But erone ~knos~hes~shitty~/

in10city:CHEA! damn yo u multied wit 4 syllables fo 4 bars

GJ:dats nuthin wait til u hear me rap in spanglish
by ghettojoe860 February 18, 2005
rhyming multiple words

syn fo multi
startin up a party once i no my ~dads~out~/ bitches growlin on tha floor like u thing tha ~cats~out~/
by ghettojoe860 February 18, 2005
Online Gaming - A multiple account, player, or character.
Coolkid5, you are such a multi of coolkid1, 2, 3, and 4!
by Pimonkey December 28, 2004