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Someone who has done something idiotically funny, such as tripping over
Oliver Robinson is a fucking mullard
by Dongle Bongle April 23, 2018
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A weird breed of person who is slightly on the fat side, they have a very smelly fish breath, listen to the worst type of music ever and wear the shittest clothes in the history of mankind. The most common place to sight this strange kind is wombourne Poolbar but be careful because these type will happily back stab,
Have you seen a mullard today? Yes I saw the smelly mullard in the Poolbar today
by Smelly chewbacca January 13, 2017
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to feel ashamed
comes from the CHAMORRO languistics
manny was talking to shannon one day and he had a huge azz boogie in his nose , he looked in the mirror a couple min. later and felt MULLARD
by shannon March 26, 2005
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