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Mukuro is one of the three rulers of Makai during the later demon world saga episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho (episodes beginning somewhere in the 90's). Appears masked from head to toe, only one glaring eye, un-blinking, shows.
Unlike Yomi, Mukuro feeds on chaos.

<i>Mukuro invites Hiei to join forces against the other two rulers, Yomi and Raizen.
Is assumed to be male by everyone around, thanks to voice distortion, but is actually female; covered due to injuries and a ruined side of her body.</i>
KoEnma: "If Mukuro wins, Demon World will be thrown into dangerous chaos!"
Kurama: "And if Yomi wins, there will be order, which would be equally dangerous."
by Draith April 12, 2005
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1) A chinese word meaning trunk(?)
2) A female youkai who deserves more respect than what is given her now! XP
Mukuro is mine, you posers!
by C Kahran September 28, 2003
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1. A zombie character from the fighting game "The Last blade 2" by SNK who's name in kanji litteraly means 'courpse.'

2. A name in an FPS reserved for fodder.
1. "B-b-blood is best" -Mukuro

2. "Mukuro, would it kill you to stop walking into their bullets?" -a frustrated Day of Defeat player
by Mukuro December 03, 2003
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