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Complete social unawareness of one's appearance (i.e. having a muffin top and not realizing one's clothes do not fit properly)
Do you think that girl knows her jeans are tucked into her socks?

No way, she's got muffin top syndrome.
by Is your muffin buttered? October 19, 2010
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an ugly girl that wears tight clothes and has her side fat hanging out for people to sadly see.
Did you see that fat girl with cellulite?

Yeah that's so gross, she has muffin top syndrome and I can't believe she went on stage with those high school musical shorts. so gross!
by tayloreid123 June 11, 2010
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The act of creating a muffin top effect on yourself and trying to get away with it.
"If I wear a longer shirt noone will notice my muffin top syndrome!"
by Mikmelhan September 05, 2005
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the extremely horrifying, unattractive disease (not a medical disease) when a woman or man tried to squeeze into a pair of pants three sizes too small for them, resulting in the overflow of flab, rolls, junk and extra skin over the top of the pants.

warning: may cause heart failure (to the person witnessing it)
"haha hey check out that lady... shes like 10 pounds overweight and looks like shes comin down with a little muffin-top syndrome. ew!"
by go_fish January 27, 2010
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