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an insane band formed by a coupla young kids that turned into something great; plays alternative rock/punk music; composed of the abnormal 3 girls and 2 boys combination; really brings in the crowd if you want a partayyyy
"OMG did you go to two2one's show last night?"
"YEAH DUDE! they rocked... hot chicks too... even the drummer is adorable"
"agreed. im def going to another one of two2one's shows"
by go_fish January 27, 2010

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a bicycle with handlebars so wide you are almost forced to ride without any hands, big wheels to compensate for sandy grounds, and as little hardware on them as possible; come in any color you want and almost any shape; want a basket? you can have one; want THREE wheels? go for it, beach bikes got them too; hook on a surfboard and your in business; then drop in in the dunes and your ready to go

also...something a real beach bum would easily choose over a license and a bmw any day
"hey lets go surfing"
"sure let me get my keys..."
"R YA KIDDING?! yo im just taking my beach bike. peace."
by go_fish January 27, 2010

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the extremely horrifying, unattractive disease (not a medical disease) when a woman or man tried to squeeze into a pair of pants three sizes too small for them, resulting in the overflow of flab, rolls, junk and extra skin over the top of the pants.

warning: may cause heart failure (to the person witnessing it)
"haha hey check out that lady... shes like 10 pounds overweight and looks like shes comin down with a little muffin-top syndrome. ew!"
by go_fish January 27, 2010

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