1. A huge, gaping maw of a vagina with not only inner and outer labia, but several folds of skin in between said labial regions, resembling a cabbage; quite possibly smells like old rancid cabbage as well.

2. Non-sensical term coined by South Park's episode called "It's a Jersey thing". Mostly uttered in anger.
Angry hair dresser: That whore is gah-bage! That muff cabbage thinks she's hot shit, but she's just nothing, she's just a cabbage!!

Innocent bystander: What the fuck is muff cabbage?!

Angry hair dresser: (shrugs) It's a Jersey thing.
by girlofglycerine October 14, 2010
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a negative term for female genitalia, specifically an unpleasant-smelling vagina, covered by an excess of pubic hair
Gina often clashed with the other women in New Jersey, because of her offensive muff cabbage.
by Rusanova October 15, 2010
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(muff gar-bage) NOUN

Vulgar term for a woman's horribly overused, flappy, gaping, pungent, bacterial-vaginosis infested vagina.

Instead of saying "muff garbage", clowns from New Jersey sound like they're saying "muff cabbage" because of their ridiculous accent. Coined by a recent episode of South Park entitled "It's a Jersey Thing" in which they make a parody of the useless wastes of life who appear in the show "Jersey Shore" Which should never be watched by anyone. Ever.

"Mom, Dad.. What is MUFF CABBAGE?"
by robin steele October 19, 2010
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A variation of muff garbage. It is a mix of lint, pubic hair, and used toilet paper stuck in an unwashed, or dirty vagina. The mixture can get caught in the back of the throat when going down on an unclean vagina. Can cause gagging or choking.

When the word garbage is pronounced by jerseyites "garbage" actually sounds like "cabbage".
I choked on muff cabbage after going down on Snooki's dirty vagina.
by FreakNasty Trent October 17, 2010
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A term used by people from the Jersey Shore in South Park. A derogatory term, meaning someone who has a dirty, overfucked vagina.
Pauly: Yo that bitch is such a muff cabbage!
Ted: What's a muff cabbage?
Pauly: You wouldn't understand; it's a jersey thing.
by (not)PeepingTom October 13, 2010
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