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A pussy that has been well used by several different men, in a short period of time and left dripping with their cum for the next one.
By the end of the party Penny had a nasty pussy and was worried about taking it home to hubby.
by PennyM April 3, 2007
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being a douche or killing the fun thats currently happening. similar to having sand in one's vagina
by K Lucken November 8, 2006
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A woman's vagina which is unclean, infected, or diseased. It is the type that most men would not want to be involved with.

Alternatively, one might say that they got some "nasty pussy" from a freak female who is very hot and mean it in a good way.

But usually, it is meant in a bad way.
Man, that bitch has some nasty pussy! I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole!


Yo, I got laid last night and it was some nasty pussy, man! That chick is such a freak!
by Sac Jack July 9, 2009
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