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It is a mix of lint, pubic hair, and used toilet paper stuck in an unwashed, or dirty vagina. The mixture can get caught in the back of the throat when going down on an unclean vagina. Can cause gagging or choking.
I choked on muff garbage after going down on Snooki's dirty vagina.
by FreakNasty Trent October 17, 2010
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You... you wouldn't understand, it's a Jersey thing.

...actually, it refers to the gunk that comes out of a vagina (a muff) , i.e yeast infection or other disgusting things of that nature. It's pronounced Gah-bage so often mistaken for Muff Cabbage.
You're muff gah-bage! Get outta here!

What did that guy just say? Muff Cabbage?

No, no, it was Muff Garbage, you wouldn't understand, it's a Jersey thing...
by kyle the ginger jewish jersian October 14, 2010
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