A delicious and messy snack made by taking a Chex type cereal, covering it in a melted chocholate & peanut butter based sauce(w/ butter & vanilla), letting it cool a little bit, and then shaking it in a closed bag with plenty of powdered sugar until all Chex pieces are evenly coated. It can then be poured onto wax paper and refrigerated until cool or eaten while it's warm!
We couldn't wait to get home because mom said she was making muddy buddies for our snack!
by colopoly April 01, 2009
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After vigorous anal sex, when there is a thin layer of doo-doo butter still present on the penis, the act of sprinkling powdered sugar on said butt-butter and assertively ramming it down the woman's throat.
Inspired by the Chex snack, Muddy Buddies.
Last night I gave Kari the Muddy Buddy until her face turned Blue.
by Mr. Hill March 24, 2007
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The person you perform anal sex on while you take a dump.
-"Honey, I think it's time we take this relationship to the next level. Will you be my muddy buddy?"
by papwin May 04, 2013
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An african american woman who will trade sexual intercourse with a white man for financial support and or a place to live. A Muddy Buddy could also be a one hit wonder- meaning that she will also trade rides or drugs for a little action.
Yo Johnny boy, are you still holding up that Muddy Buddy in your condo?

Johnny Boy: You bet your sweet ass I am, my wife thinks she's our renter. Little does she know I'm a bonafide Sugar Daddy of a Muddy Buddy.
by EverydaysausageShufflin''' October 01, 2013
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