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When two men are doing anal and the top pulls out, cumming on the bottom’s balls.
I wished I cleaned myself better because that bastard muddy snowballed me and now my sheets are stained with shit and cum.
by Dr. NerdDare May 18, 2018
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when a man ejaculates in their parnters rectum and then performs oral to anal sex to reteive seamon and then passes that seamon onto their partner.
Carol was delited with the way her bottom felt after Trevor passed onto her his muddy snowball
by steverenio October 05, 2007
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when a man is having anal sex with a woman(or a man)then he has the woman give him a blowjob after that he preceeds to ejaculate into her mouth then the woman(or man) spits it back into his mouth.
Mike and Afton practiced the muddy snowball technique last night.
by Nick Mattingly February 25, 2003
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