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The most absolute amazing, coolest, sexiest body of man to walk this beautiful earth. If you dont know the mudd you are missing out. He is also starred in the TMudd chronicles.
Look right over there, we see a wild Mudd walking this uncharted face of the earth, this is an amazing sight.
by Regu18r March 29, 2011
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To be unnattractive , unappealing or just plain old ugly in any form , manor , subject , or category of use.
"Bro your ugly lol mudd ass."
by *TRACKSTAR NAM* November 01, 2009
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The best brand of jeans that exist right now.
She looked so cute in her Paul Frank T-shirt and low-cut Mudd jeans.
by lizzie May 16, 2005
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A mythical being rarely seen by human eyes oweing to the fact that it enjoys copious amounts of solitude either at a desk (usually featuring a computer with access to sporting statistics) or in an armchair with a box of wine or crate of Stella.

One will often be able to hear the cry of a Mudd while in a common place such as a kitchen. Common callings include the phrases include "ANKERS," "TIT," "SHUT UP," and "ANYMORE OF THAT AND YOU'LL BE IN THE BOOK!" These may sound similar to someone who suffers from Tourette's syndrome.

It is well known that the Mudd enjoys hunting for jailbait and declairing itself as "always right." It is currently believed to have an intelligence level on a parr with an assistant manager of a common fast-food outlet.
One may be heard saying...

"What's that noise?"

"Oh don't worry, it's just the Mudd - it's probably hungover again..."
by dap101 August 25, 2009
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a huge tool

mom's a milf, and i REALLY want his sister (mudd, shes already a slut, just so you know)
Me: you gotta hammer?
Friend: Nah. But Mudd's over here.

A: Man, I'm really desperate. i need some pussy right now. hey mudd...
by pinkard February 08, 2005
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When you gotta crap and it comes out like soft serve. Very close to diarrhea. Used mainly when the time to dookie is near.
Oh shit man i gotta drop mudd.
by Muddman123 May 31, 2011
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a dick heads analogy of saying mouth...
student to teacher... shut yo mudd!!!
by benno March 04, 2005
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