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The act of 4 people laying in a square and tossing each other's salads. A variation of the log cabin.
Jon: Man i'm bored, you guys wanna build a mud hut?
Luke: Absolutely, I just got my asshole bleached!
Pat: YES! I can't wait to tongue punch that fartbox.
Bob: Damn I definitely shouldn't have eaten that Taco Bell last night, oh well not my problem.
by BillKong76 October 08, 2014
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Just another name for brown town, the fudge tunnel, the poo palace...your ass!
I pounded her in the mud hut, then I gave her a chili dog.

When all else fails, seek shelter in the mud hut.
by papa woody October 20, 2007
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A mythical place where Wiganers are said to be from. Possibly deriving from the backward appearance of much of Wigan prior to the late 1990s flood of investment into the town.
We come from Wigan and we live in mud huts, ooh ahh, ooh ooh ahh, ooh to be a Wiganer!
by hut dweller July 27, 2006
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a turd that has no consistency, it plops outta your ass and never hits the toilet water, instead, it hits the back of the bowl and mounds up there. After that, it is a never ending wipe to clean the shit from around your asshole. Usually occurs after a night of power drinking Killians Irish Red beer on draught.
I have a brutal hangover from power drinking 5 pitchers of Killians and eating nuclear hot wings, and to top it off, when I woke up to take a shit, it was nothing but a steaming mudhut.
by skell February 23, 2008
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A short, fat, welfare collecting mexican midget. Often is the care taker of 5 illegitimate children. Seekimlings. They also enjoy killing small animals using their nasty mud infested burritos.
Dood, your dad married a mudhut...
by Slippery Elf June 04, 2004
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A place a sandnigger usually resides. A likely target for 15,000 pounds of freedom.
Pilot 1: "Alright dude, let's do some pre-flight weapon checks. We gonna go bomb some mudhuts today."
Pilot 2: " Fuck yeah!"
by Nutsackbuttrapingfag November 20, 2014
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