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one of the most popular kids at school, tends to slack in work and is very enthusiastic. Has a huge dick measuring from 7 - 10 inches. Every women he meets with bangs him at least 5 times. Overall he is a very nice guy but is sometime a dicktwat.
John: oh look he thinks he is so cool

Jack: yeah, he thinks he is a Mrinal
by johnspeamer April 21, 2013
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rich asshole whom all girls like
There is an election to decide who will get to go on Europe trip with Rakesh. He is such a mrinal. He will sponsor the whole trip and all accomodation is in honeymoon suites only.
by dunno123donut May 03, 2011
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(hindi) a word which is used to describe an asshole in Hindi. Especially used in the region of Bihar and Bengal.
Look at that guy on a scooter. He's such a Mrinal
by Mr. 2603 June 17, 2018
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