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Mr. Wood is a rare breed of human. only one has been reported to the geneticists of sci tech. aka the rulers of the universe

mr woods tend to take whatever form you could ask of them, without being a pushover. mr woods are tall, white, bald, and amazing. they are also pure souls. very. pure. souls.

they tend to arise extreme emotions of high school students. everyone loves mr wood.
Wow. that was so amazing, you have to be a Mr. Wood!
by scitechians July 11, 2008
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Oct 31 Word of the Day
1. acronym for Laugh Out Loud + sob -- an expression for something that makes you lol and cry at the same time.

2. acronym for Laugh Out Loud, Son of a Bitch. An expression of bitter anger over something funny.
That fatal clown car accident made me lolsob-- clown cars are funny but my best friend was driving.
by duenna9 October 12, 2009
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A creepy hoe (that is probably your science teacher) and stares at girls (probably named kahina) and gets boners from talking to little boys named Jay
kahina: walks into science
Mr wood: >;)
Kahina: ......
Jay: rocks up late to class
Mr wood: *gets a stiffy*
by a hoes mad June 15, 2019
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mr wood is normally a man with two second hand kidneys. he is grey haired and can't hear shit at all. he is hugh's best friend and is woody.
wow! thats mr wood! what a knob
by mrkidney123 November 06, 2017
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