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Mr. Tumnus is yet another word for the Perenium (bonch, gooch, taint, grundle, chode, etc).
The use of this narnia name came from scroTUM, and aNUS, hence referring to your chode as Mr. Tumnus. Giving that special area of your body a name just makes it a little more personal. Kinda like naming your junk.
Mr. Tumnus is feeling a little cranky today, I should have wiped better after my dump last night.
by thebrainishuge March 16, 2010
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The Most wanted fawn in Narnia because he had given every little kid turkish delights and had sex with them.
He is right now in Earth teaching kids at Rye and also attending North Salem High as a little turkish boy.
I hope I don't meet up with Mr.Tumnus today.
by CMurda October 28, 2006
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A man who on first glance you believe has had a transplant of his grandfather's finest pubic hair to their legs until closer inspection reveals that it is in fact their own leg hair. The tight curls and inability for sun to penetrate to the pale skin below, the afflicted is normally of celtic descent, is highly reminiscent of Mr. Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia. Whether by coincidence or design, the sufferer, a 'Mr Tumnus', can regularly be found showcasing his fast fingerwork on a flute near young girls.
"I've never knew why Gary refused to wear shorts until today; he's a right Mr Tumnus. Get the leg wax."
by PCBumchin January 16, 2014
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A sadistic perverted old man, suffering from pedofeilia. Often appears very presentable, looking like a proper old man from the 1890s or so. Hairy legs and likes to wear shoes that give him the appearance of hooves, also has horns from his head and curly pubic hair on his head. Crazy old geezer, should really get chemically castrated. Attemps to lure little girls into his house for rape by offering tea, biscuits and toast. STAY AWAY!
(Recent reports and sighting of him suggest he is attending high schools posing as a student)
Mr Tumnus: Are you the daughter of Eve?
Girl (lucy): What do you mean?
Mr Tumnus: Get the .... in my house I'm gonna stuff you full of food and ..... on your face.
by Razer2036 April 27, 2012
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